Adur, West & East Worthing Party including East Arun

Our housing time bomb

You may have read about, or even attended, the public meeting on the future of housing in Shoreham and have concerns about the potential for tall buildings. Adur & Worthing Liberal Democrats believe that St Mary’s Church should be the benchmark height for all proposed residential developments and that tall buildings are not the answer to the housing crisis. Government statistics suggest Adur needs to deliver 6,800 homes by 2032. A shortage of space means Adur District Council has identified enough land for just 3,600 and neighbouring councils will be called on to help meet demand.

Worthing needs 685 homes to be built each year if we are to achieve the total required based on forecasts in population. Due to the lack of pre – used land and only having three sides to expand upon, we will achieve only 40% of our need. Even if we build on every postage stamp size piece of land we are only able to supply 346 homes per year. Therefore we need to be creative about increasing our home potential.

We should be making the most of existing properties through energy efficiency, developing flats over shops, and take back houses used for alternative purposes for families to live in and make the town vibrant.  We should be championing schemes such as those working in Liberal Democrat Eastbourne and Bognor Regis where the house-owner can lease out or let their property, retaining their capital for their family and stimulating an income which could pay for specialised housing or health care. Adur & Worthing Lib Dems insist that in the housing plan, there should be a guaranteed figure of 40% social housing.

We will continue to hold Adur & Worthing authorities to account on the future of house building and future-proofing our communities for positive growth over the coming years.

If you’d like to find out more about our #ReformRenting campaign and sign the petition click here.