Adur, West & East Worthing Party including East Arun

West Durrington Development Worries

Why did they choose a smaller venue when told that there would be a lot of people? It is now in the Gordon Room.

All the focus team attended the meeting organised by John Hughes of Don’t Over-Develop Durrington.
Keith Sunderland spoke first from the audience to mention his concerns about the potential flooding risk and the poor access. There was general agreement on these matters and the risk to drinking water supply was also raised. It was agreed that they would all attend the Planning Meeting when this is discussed to put their views.
It has been suggested that if they are sure that there will be no flooding then they could setup a scheme to recompense any people that are flooded subsequently. Put their money where their mouth is!
There is a real need for housing in this country as those people experiencing high rents or who are unable to buy their own property are all too aware BUT we must have sensible well thought out development and it does not look as though this fits the bill.
If you want more info about the campaign look at:

The Planning Meeting to discuss the Development is 6pm on the 20th October in the Gordon Room at the Town Hall.