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Not so Caring Tories Slash Housing Numbers by moving the Goalposts!

Worthing and Adur Tories agreed at a recent  Council meeting to make people, who move to the area,  live here for 2 full years, (as suggested by the Tory Secretary of state),  before they are eligible to be put on the Housing register and supported.

Currently, the residency time is 6mths, and this was recommended by Housing Officers because, we have a housing shortage, people on the housing register have to wait 2or even 3years before they find suitable homes.

The criteria of a local connection alone will exclude 231 people in Adur and 78 in Worthing from housing help.

Cllr Humphries said that it ( extending residency  it to 2yrs)  would send a message to residents (Or did he really mean voters?)  that we don’t give homes to people from London.

Consequently, residents already on the Housing Register now, will be downgraded to Band D if they haven’t already lived here for 2 whole years.

 Band D clients are those who don’t have a current need, but might have one in the future such as a couple expecting a baby living in a one bed flat.

It begs the question how are we going to attract new employees to Worthing if we give off such a negative message when they get here?

 If they fall on hard times, for instance, threatened by loss of private rented tenancy because the landlord wants his/ her property back –  they will have to sit it out for 5years before hope of accommodation or go elsewhere.

The Public answered the questions 

1)      Do you agree that people who do not have a local connection  should be excluded from the Housing register?  . Answer 71.8 %  said yes  23.4% said no  4.8% had no view

2)      Do you agree that people should live in the area for a minimum of 6monthsbefore being allowed to join the housing register ?  77.4% said yes  20.6 % said No  and 2.9% had no view

3)      If a person does not live in the area but is working in the area, do you agree that they should be working in the area for a minimum of 6months before being allowed to join the housing register ?  Answer 76.6%  said  yes , 20.5% said no  2.9%  had no view.

The public did not answer the question as to whether people should live in the area for 2full years  before getting any help.

As a result of these amendments to the Criteria, some of which have their positive points, e.g  allowing  of the Armed Forces onto the register, but many more currently on the register will be the  losers.

Cllr Hazel Thorpe commented,

“A Five year’s sentence , before you have hope of decent housing is appalling. It is shameful that my Tory Colleagues won’t take advice and  still cannot grasp the idea that the public need support now  not more cutbacks . They are still worryingly out of touch “. 

Will we need a Visa soon to live and or work in Worthing?