2022 Local Election Candidates

John Apsey


Robin Rogers


Nick Wiltshire


Christine Brown


Emma Norton


Michael Donin


Keith Sunderland


Yvonne Leonard


Iona Harte


Nico Kearns


Doris Martin
(Mash Barn)


Ian Jones


David Batchelor
(Southwick Green)










Why are you passionate about the local area?

I was born at Southlands Hospital far too long ago and have lived in a variety places but always come back to Shoreham by Sea. The town, the coast, the river and the downs provide the perfect backdrop for our community to thrive. We all have to play our part in creating the best future for everyone locally 

What are your local priorities?

Sad to say, we have a cost of living, employment, environmental and healthcare crisis looming. Preventing the worst impact on the most vulnerable is the number one priority

How will you deliver these priorities?

I will hold the council to account when they play politics, cut services and waste resources at a time when we have to focus on keeping our community together.

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