Blog from the Chair: BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT

By Martin McCabe, August 28th 2019




We ordered a new corner sofa a few months back.

It was going to take three months to arrive.

They promised we'd have it before Christmas. No dramas.

The day before it arrived, I got rid of our old sofa.

Me and my mate loaded it into his van. Job done.

Next day, the new corner sofa arrives.

But there's a problem.

The corner bit is missing.

The delivery bloke told us he could take it away.

Or we could keep it. He could put it together as a straight sofa. And we could store the other bits until the corner piece turned up.


Well, we didn't have much choice.

We took the delivery.

And we had our corner sofa without the corner bit.

It took another four months for the corner bit to turn up.

When people tell me a No Deal Brexit will be fine, I think about our corner sofa.

It doesn't fill me with confidence.

And now we're at the cliff edge.

We've asked the Council's leader what help there is for EU nationals living in Worthing.

We've not heard back.

We've been told the only formal way to raise this is at the next full Council meeting.

Which isn't until October 22nd.

We've written to the Council's Chief Executive.

He's told us about planning to "prioritise services" if there is "disruption to fuel supplies".

He has said the Council "will coordinate local responses to any disruptions to goods, services and infrastructure".

Again, I'm not filled with confidence.

It's not exactly the land of milk and honey, is it?

As the only Remain party on the Council, it's left to us to stand up to this.

That's what the Liberal Democrats are doing.

We've tabled a motion calling on the Council to publicly reject No Deal Brexit. As well as help for Worthing's EU nationals.

But we have to wait until October 22nd for anything formal.

Which is too late.

Fiddling while Rome burns.

I see no proof that Worthing is ready for No Deal.

Nothing. Not a scrap of evidence.

Worthing's Liberal Democrats won't stay quiet about this.

We'll keep going. We won't stop.

Bollocks to Bexit.


Martin McCabe, August 28th, 2019.

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