Working For You


Bob Smytherman is currently leader of the Lib Dem group on Worthing Borough Council and a member of the Scrutiny Committee responsible for holding the Conservative – run Council to account in addition Bob is also a West Sussex County Councillor representing the Tarring Division and serves on the Performance & Finance select committee which has responsibility for holding to account the Conservative – run County Council.

Since Bob’s first election in 2002 he has a track record of consistently putting people before tribal party politics and always available to Tarring residents to raise concerns about decisions of the Council and along with Tarring Councillor colleagues holds weekly advice surgeries each Saturday morning at West Worthing Baptist Church from 10.30am – 12noon.

Bob also attend the Tarring Neighbourhood Watch Community Forum every 2nd Tuesday at 7pm at West Worthing Baptist Church to respond to concerns from residents.

Outside of Politics Bob is Chairman of the Federation of Private Residents Associations Ltd and Trustee of Coastal West Sussex Mind and President of Sight Support Worthing and can often been seen around the town as Town Crier , a non-political appointment since being the Mayor of Worthing in 2013/14.



Hazel Thorpe has been an elected Liberal Democrat Councillor for Tarring since 2000. She has served as Mayor. Hazel has many interests, gardening, the arts and crafts, reading and socialising and enjoys putting her networking skills to good use in the Community. With her support, local residents have inspired Tarring as one of the first wards to work together on environmental projects, including ”Adopt a Drain “, Recycle Your Butt, and currently creating an attractive make-over of a small green space and mini rainwater garden – (work in progress with children from
a local school ) - through the continued support of Operation Watershed and Worthing Borough and West Sussex County Council.

She is currently working on policy for the Regional Executive, her aim being to initiate and support projects which will improve the quality of life for all residents. As a former senior teacher, gaining a Master’s in Education, she has always supported young people, education and lifelong learning and outside of politics, she was an Associate Governor of Worthing College, a Trustee of the Maybridge Keystone Youth Club, President of Worthing Lions and animal lover of all kinds. Hazel attends surgeries in Christchurch, the West Worthing Baptist Church and the Neighbourhood Watch alongside Bob whenever possible and is hoping to support the organisation of an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt with Super Stars in Tarring Park.



Martin McCabe was born and raised in Worthing. Martin's goals are simple: to empower our community and demand a better politics that puts people first. A Building Engineer and lecturer, Martin is obsessed with making sure that politicians get the details right.

Martin has a strong record of standing up for local people. In 2018, he helped a local special needs charity find a new home so its work could continue. He has raised funds for local disability and women's football teams and campaigned for a People's Vote on Brexit.

In May 2019, he ran the 100km London to Brighton ultra marathon to raise money for Coastal West Sussex Mind.

Martin is the Chairman of the Adur and Worthing Liberal Democrats. Martin was elected Cllr for Tarring in May 2019."


Caroline Griffiths is a mum to two children, a 13 year old boy currently at Durrington High School and a nine year old girl at the Orchards.

She has built her career in the energy and environment industry, mainly as a journalist. After spending 11 years in the US she returned to the UK to be closer to family. Her mother and brother both live locally.

Since returning home Caroline has worked for a charity that helps promote renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa and for an energy events company in London. As a single mum who has had to juggle a long commute with childcare and school activities Caroline is very familiar with the struggles facing families in the area.

With a French teacher for a mum Caroline was always interested in languages and she studied Russian at Manchester University and also speaks French and Spanish. She is a strong advocate for the UK to maintain close ties with Europe.

In the few spare moments between taking the children to various activities Caroline enjoys playing piano and is learning to play the saxophone. Her son is helping her to improve at tennis. She has also been known to join in at trampolining sessions.


Keith Sunderland has been a Councillor for two terms and Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the second. Keith's aims in the council are focused towards helping the struggling who never seem to get a fair hand from the existing rules. He also believe that as a town we need to be building more homes for Social Rent and he will be agitating to get the Council to clearly stipulate how many houses are for Social rent rather than the catchall "Affordable Housing" which covers houses that are definitely not. Keith thinks that it should be easier to be environmentally aware and will support anything that helps towards that end as this planet needs help. Keith also believes as a consequence that increasing use of public transport should be lead by providing usable public transport rather than punishing motorists.


Matt is building a career in Quality and Regulatory Affairs and is currently working for a local toy company and worked previously in a similar role for The Body Shop. Matt joined the Liberal Democrats in 2017 and has taken an active role in the local party. Matt was selected in 2018 to be the local party Data Officer.


Yvonne Leonard

Yvonne is a Mother of 3 with 8 Grandchildren, a former NHS Mental Health Nurse, worked as a Community Housing Support Officer for a London Borough for 16 years and gained her Chartered Housing Management Degree.
In 2005 Yvonne moved to East Worthing to support her blind Mother and became a case worker with a charity that mediates between neighbours to resolve disputes. Previously chair of a young ex-offenders hostel, a Youth Club and Girl Guide leader,
Yvonne joined the Board of Governors for Davison C of E High School for Girls in East Worthing.