Working For You

WHO are the Liberal Democrat Team?

We come from essential, environmental  and caring backgrounds, mental health nurses, teachers, pastors, engineers and business. 

The local Liberal Democrat team serve the community as shown by their track record -  quietly helping people to get their vaccines, helping people with services, shopping and medicines or just listening to the stories people want to share.

In short covid 19 champions.

We, are the ones who make a positive difference ,  see for yourself – the Tarring Rainwater Gardens with its  chat benches  is just one example of what can be achieved when Liberal Democrats act with the community.

Around the country Liberal Democrats are

  • Delivering prescriptions to people who are self isolating
  • Distributing smart phones to care home residents so they can stay in touch with loved ones when in person visits are impossible
  • Getting laptops to disadvantaged children so they could continue to learn when they weren’t at school
  • Four out five of the top Councils in England for recycling are Liberal Democrat run councils
  • On Portsmouth Council the Liberal Democrats are ahead of the game with their balanced budget for services and food waste collections.
  • Chelmsford, the Liberal Democrat council and local volunteers have planted over 5,000 trees improving the local environment for everyone. 

Worthing needs Liberals to rein in the authoritarian Conservatives and the well- meaning but generally ineffectual Labour team. Worthing needs Liberals to speak out for us at West Sussex . Worthing needs a sensible voice for individuals who don’t fit the usual mould, those who want to be different.


Hazel Thorpe has been an elected Liberal Democrat Councillor for Tarring since 2000. She has served as Mayor. Hazel has many interests, gardening, the arts and crafts, reading and socialising and enjoys putting her networking skills to good use in the Community. With her support, local residents have inspired Tarring as one of the first wards to work together on environmental projects, including ”Adopt a Drain “, Recycle Your Butt, and currently creating an attractive make-over of a small green space and mini rainwater garden – (work in progress with children from
a local school ) - through the continued support of Operation Watershed and Worthing Borough and West Sussex County Council.

She is currently working on policy for the Regional Executive, her aim being to initiate and support projects which will improve the quality of life for all residents. As a former senior teacher, gaining a Master’s in Education, she has always supported young people, education and lifelong learning and outside of politics, she was an Associate Governor of Worthing College, a Trustee of the Maybridge Keystone Youth Club, President of Worthing Lions and animal lover of all kinds. Hazel attends surgeries in Christchurch, the West Worthing Baptist Church and the Neighbourhood Watch alongside Bob whenever possible and is hoping to support the organisation of an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt with Super Stars in Tarring Park.


Keith Sunderland has been a Councillor for two terms and Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the second. Keith's aims in the council are focused towards helping the struggling who never seem to get a fair hand from the existing rules. He also believe that as a town we need to be building more homes for Social Rent and he will be agitating to get the Council to clearly stipulate how many houses are for Social rent rather than the catchall "Affordable Housing" which covers houses that are definitely not. Keith thinks that it should be easier to be environmentally aware and will support anything that helps towards that end as this planet needs help. Keith also believes as a consequence that increasing use of public transport should be lead by providing usable public transport rather than punishing motorists.



Yvonne Leonard

Yvonne is a qualified Mental Health Nurse, youth worker and much more. She has dedicated her life to the wellbeing of others especially the young.

She believes that secure employment, decent low cost housing – easy to maintain in the future, and a healthy environment are crucial to positive mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Yvonne says, “I believe equal value should be given to Vocational subjects in school. Employers should be supported to supply opportunities for “Earn as you Learn Apprenticeships or sponsored day release study to enable employees to progress in their chosen career.”

She wants to see more fun opportunities for young people- youth clubs, affordable swimming, go karting, or whatever gets them actively and socially involved.

Yvonne is also concerned for the environment. Tackling inequalities aiming towards a zero-carbon economy have been at the heart of Liberal Democrat Policies for decades. In her words, are we still putting profit before the planet, when deciding planning applications? “Protect the planet now so generations gain a future.”

Robin Rogers

Robin actively represented the ward from 2001 to 2017 when he decided he needed to represent and support the area in different way. He was also the County Councillor for Castle and Castle Community Forum lead.

He has become increasingly frustrated and disappointed at the way in which Castle ward has been run so if he is elected – he pledges to start improving it again. He is very supportive of the Field Place Community Residents Association, which does an amazing job keeping track of planning applications and listening to resident’s views.

Robin would like to see other groups taking control of their area in a similar manner. Currently, Robin serves as a governor to a Durrington school and is the Chair of the Maybridge Keystone Youth Club, which supports Dial a Ride, Sussex Clubs for Young people and more recently Transition Town.

He also supports the Worthing Lions and the Super Stars Arts charities as a volunteer - working in their shops.

Robin says “Communication, networking and shared ambitions are key to a happy community “.

He will listen to you, hear your views and act accordingly to solve and support residents whenever he can “.

Iona Harte

Iona loves working for the residents of Tarring and the Town of Worthing.

She is enjoying being the secretary of Friends of Tarring Park getting involved with events, and she is the treasurer of a local association. Iona works as a science technician at a Worthing College.

Iona says,” We are local people, my children go to the local schools, and I am passionate about education and giving children the best start in life. “

The environment is also close to my heart, and I am angry that local peoples’ wishes are being ignored, their pleas for better local services such as food waste recycling and the recent bin fiasco just goes to show the extent of the current councils arrogance - taking us for granted. She asks what about a kerbside monthly collection of bulky or electrical items to help prevent fly tipping?

It happens in other councils.


Christine Brown

Christine and her family have lived in the Town for many years. She is an experienced community activist having previously served as the councillor for 19 years and one of Worthing’s Mayors. Christine was a governor of Chesswood School and Chair of a Stray Cat, Charity for young people.

She has four daughters, and nine grandchildren whom she supports. Christine says, “I have dedicated my life to supporting Worthing’s residents. I will continue to work with you for our community and yes, I support Denton Gardens remaining as an oasis of calm and applaud the efforts that are being made to keep it as such.”

Christine is currently pursuing safety measures for pedestrians and motorists around Homefield Park.

Nick Wiltshire

Nick Wiltshire is your local Liberal Democrat campaigner for Castle Ward. He lives within the Ward, works at our local hospital and for the NHS at a local doctors’ surgery.

He rightly says, “Working in healthcare is hard work and requires commitment to patients and colleagues: listening to others, helping others and working as a team.

Nick says, I would bring these qualities to Worthing’s Council should I be elected to represent the residents of Castle Ward and indeed the Town”.

We need to reverse the damage successive Conservative-run councils have done to our town of Worthing, with undeveloped areas reflecting stale thoughts and a lack of action. Equally, I am concerned at the promises made by a Labour Party that asks for your vote but does not explain how it will pay for things.

We do not need another “Rubbish Council;” we need a Council that will give residents a

fairer, greener, more caring Worthing!

Lib Dems are practical people and know that a council must work within a budget that Worthing can afford and those in need must be helped to have life’s basics – a home that is safe and heated, sufficient food, affordable transport, and access to work and education. A Council should put the quality of the lives of the poorest of its residents as its chief priority.

On the other hand, just look at what Portsmouth’s Lib Dem-led Council is doing for its resident! It is not only preserving treasured parks and gardens but increasing the number of green spaces and increasing sustainability.

With food waste being 40% of household rubbish put out for collection food waste recycling is seen as the single most impactful recycling initiative that could be undertaken.

Here in Worthing, we need a more frequent service using smaller electric buses that can travel safely in residential areas, unlike the diesel buses that are too heavy and too big, which damage our residential roads and our children’s health.

There are many more things that the Liberal Democrats believe we need or would want to do to make Worthing a kinder, greener, and more sustainable place – planting more urban trees, recycling more types of plastic more widely and making our transport system greener.

Emma Norton

Emma Norton is the Liberal Democrat’s campaigner and activist for Durrington Ward. She has three children and has lived in Durrington for over 30 years. Emma originally trained and worked as a marine biologist but is now a college lecturer and local volunteer who listens to the concerns of the community. 

Emma understands the challenges people feel in our current cost of living crisis. Emma would like to see more opportunities for everyone: with affordable homes built in the right places, good local facilities, and public transport.

Emma says, “We must recognise the need for a sustainable future to protect not just our local environment, but the entire planet.

Emma believes in putting people before politics and working hard for our town. 

A list of all candidates for all seats will be found on the Council Website here: