Why Vote for the Lib Dems in West Sussex on May 6th?

We listen, ask you and provide what you tell us you want:

  • More buses and trains, cycle and foot paths
  • Fewer developments in green spaces, but with the roads, schools and surgeries needed
  • Family centres, recycling and waste tips close to home
  • Flood prevention that works


We look after those who need it:

  • More help for our vulnerable people and families, those with long COVID, our elderly and disabled
  • More support so all our children catch up and thrive at good and outstanding schools
  • Grants for community groups to help people locally, especially with mental health
  • Support for sole traders and small businesses to get back on their feet


We are competent and ensure good value for your money:

  • High quality services that don’t fail inspections
  • No “golden goodbyes” or huge bills for consultants due to bad decisions
  • Lower overheads and no duplication by sharing with boroughs and districts


We protect our grandchildren’s future by taking climate action:

  • Carbon neutral council buildings, operations and services by 2030
  • Support for businesses and other local organisations to do the same
  • Investment only in ethical projects, so no fossil fuels underpinning our pension fund
  • Just the one runway at Gatwick

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