Worthing Housing Crisis

Anger continues to grow in Worthing with the Conservative Council, after they missed out on over £2 million of affordable housing money in the last year.

News that government policies have seen Adur and Worthing councils miss out on more than £2 million from developers to provide addordable housing since the beginning of 2017 reveals the level of ineptitude of our Conservative Council. 

Worthing and Adur Lib Dem Chairman Martin McCabe, who is a Building Engineer and sits on some of the top construction standards boards in the UK, said: "We can't go on like this. Local people that I speak to are furious with the Conservatives. People see the Tories losing millions in affordable housing money, while bringing in fines for homeless people and slashing the budget for the Dial a Ride disability service. We've got to make a change before it's too late. Pressure from us has already brought housing concessions from the Conservatives but we must go further. We’re the local alternative that is caring and competent."

The Adur and Worthing Liberal Democrats understand the housing crisis better than most. Data based on forecasts in population shows that Worthing needs approximately 685 new homes to be built each year if we are to make sure every Worthing resident has a roof over their heads. Due to the lack of pre-used land and being hemmed in by the sea we are building something closer to 346, or half of the homes that are required for our growing town.

We will continue to hold Adur & Worthing authorities to account on the future of house building and future-proofing our communities for growth over the coming years.

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