Michael Donin - Marine Ward

Dear Neighbour,

My name is Michael Donon and i'm originally from Montreal in Canada but have been living in England for nearly 50 years. My knowledge and experience of local government has been gained from serving ten years as a Worthing Borough Council for Durrington Ward where I was elected in a by-election for two years and then re-elected to serve a further two, four year terms.

I have proudly spend one year as deputy mayor for Worthing and it was an honour to follow this with a tremendously memorable year as Mayor for the Borough of Worthing from 2015 to 2016. I am now a Borough Alderman for Worthing.

Should I be elected I feel I could effectively use my previous experience and knowledge to do my very very best to assist and help to resolve resident's issues and work towards improving amenities and community facilities within our great town.